RPA Solutions

How about automating the routine tasks?

DTS's RPA solutions can take care of the routine tasks, which takes substantial amount of time and cost. Our RPA solutions supports your business by visualizing and automating tasks.

RPA solution's key words are : Task-"Visualize", "Automate" and "Thorough Support". With consultation of our experienced engineers and RPA tools, we will improve your business.

What is RPA?

RPA automates by registering the tasks that humans perform to a software robot. General tasks which will be performed on Windows OS, various applications and Web browsers can mostly be automated.

What is result of implementing RPA?

Tasks automated by RPA is quick and accurate, making succeeding tasks and confirmations easier. You could utilize more of your resources efficiently, for example, by using the time created by utilizing RPA for more important tasks.

RPA Can Resolve Your Daily Tasks' Problems

"We know these tasks are necessary and important, but..."

Doing such tasks are ineffective and decreases your team's motivation.

This is when DTS's RPA solution can help solve your problem.

What kind of tasks best suited for RPA?

There are certain know-how/tips to apply RPA for maximum cost-effectiveness. DTS's experienced consulting engineers will take a look at your business process.

RPA Implementation Flow:

RPA solution by DTS thoroughly supports visualization, automation and improvement of customers' tasks.

Select Area of Application:

We find out which area of your procedure is best suited for RPA.

Select Product:

We help select from variety of products that best suites your business.


According to your requirements we apply RPA (create task scenario) to your business procedures. If needed, consult us for improvement of interfacing systems as well.

Usage Training:

We provide RPA usage training so that customers will be able to modify or add RPA task scenarios by themselves.

After Care:

Our support for business procedure improvement and following systems improvement will continue upon and after the implementation.

DTS RPA : What's Special ?

Choose What Best Suites You

DTS provides a variety of RPA products.

We will select one which best suites you depending on the size of your business, operations policy and the budget.

Sample Implementation:

  • Small Start with Desktop Style

  • Install robot to individual PC

  • Can be implemented in relatively short period of time

  • Better suites for small size, less cost effective as the size gets larger

  • Security level is the same as individual PC

Centralized management for company-wide robot:

  • Can be able to install multiple robot to the server, provides ability for centralized management

  • Requires certain amount of time for implementation

  • Best for large scale business, being more cost effective as target PC increases

  • High security with superior redundancy

We can support following RPA products


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