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DTS Agrees to Acquire a 51% Stake in Partners Information Technology (Calance), a US-based IT Services Company
DTS to expand the US business and strengthen IT Staffing and IT Services

November 7, 2022

DTS CORPORATION has completed to acquire a 51% stake in Partners Information Technology (Calance), which was announced in the Notice of Agreement to Acquire 51% of the shares of Partners Information Technology (Calance) on August 22, 2022.

DTS has been providing SI services to financial institutions, retailers, healthcare companies and manufacturers through the network (East Coast, South Central, and West Coast of USA) of DTS America Corporation (headquartered in New York, USA; Hiroyuki Mabuchi, President; hereinafter "DTS America"), a DTS Group company to provide services in the United States.

DTS will share its knowledge in the IT Staffing and IT Services businesses in the US market with Partners Information Technology (Calance), aiming to expand business of DTS.   

1. Synergy for expanding business in the United States

Partners Information Technology (Calance) has a team dedicated to the solutions implementation and maintenance. It has a strong IT Staffing and IT Services department comprising staff with highly specialized skills in the field and also has advance capabilities of promptly searching for a personnel with desired qualifications in the United States, a feature enabling it's enviable customer base.
Focusing on these strengths, DTS America formed an alliance in 2017 and has been cooperating with Partners Information Technology (Calance) as a strategic partner for building systems and introducing ERP and SAP solutions for customers.
Following the recent investment in Partners Information Technology (Calance), DTS will strengthen its US business by advancing its cooperation with Partners Information Technology (Calance). DTS will develop its solutions business, including digital transformation, not only for financial institutions as major customers but also for many other industries. Additionally, DTS will cooperate with Calance Software Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of Partners Information Technology (Calance), to diversify and expand its IT business.

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2. About Partners Information Technology (Calance)

Company: Partners Information Technology, Inc. (US-based wholly owned subsidiary of Calance Software Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Delhi, India)

Address:888 S Disneyland Drive, Suite 500, Anaheim, CA, 92802-1846 USA

Representative:Chief Executive Officer Amit Govil


- Established in October 2011 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Calance Software Pvt. Ltd.

- Absorbed Partners Consulting Inc. in 2012.

Number of employees:269

Offices:Five offices in the United States: Anaheim (head office), Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta and Denver

Business:IT Staffing, IT Services, IT Solutions Implementation Support (SAP, SharePoint), digital transformation support using Cloud services and AI, development of business applications


About Calance Software Pvt. Ltd.

Head office: Delhi, India

Established: January 2004

Number of employees: 172

Business: software development, offshore services


DTS CORPORATION, a comprehensive system integrator (SIer), provides one-stop services, including consulting, system design and development, infrastructure construction, and operation, primarily services for the financial industry, industry and public sectors, and communications industry.

The DTS Group provides high-value-added services, leveraging its expertise in many different areas related to systems.

Head Office location: Empire Building, 2-23-1 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032


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